The Best Yoga Mats For At Home Workouts

Short Summary

  2. Gruper

  3. Plyopic Ultra Grip

  4. BalanceFrom

  5. Gaiam

Not everyone has the time to go outside and go to an actual gym, maybe you are building or already have a home gym then this review will help you out massively. Yoga mats are great for increased comfort and versatile like no other piece of equipment, you can easily do your ab, arm or push up workouts and ofcourse stretching and yoga itself at any place in the comfort of your own home.

✅ Extremely Comfortable

✅ Available in Different Colors

Multiple Thicknesses

Durable Materials

Easily Portable

This extra thick yoga mat will give you improved comfort and reduce joint pressure like no other, your excercises will feel easier just because of it. It's available in different thicknesses so you can choose the thicker one if you're a beginner or have a lot of discomfort normally or the thinner ones if you're more experienced.

1. CAMBIVO Yoga Mat

2. Gruper Yoga Mat

✅ Great Support

✅ Three Different SIze Options

✅ Eco Friendly

✅ Double Anti Tear Layer

❌ Can be slippery if you sweat a lot

If you care about your comfort during a workout and about the environment this is exactly what you are looking for. A comfortable yoga mat available in different sizes made up of all eco friendly materials.

3. Plyopic Ultra Grip Mat

✅ Great Grip

✅ Comfortable Fabric

✅ Sweat Resistant

High Quality Durable Materials

❌ On the more expensive side

As you might expect the Plyopic Ultra-Grip yoga mat has phenomenal grip which lets easily do any yoga pose or excercise on it, but it has much more than that it's very comfortable, easy to store and these high quality materials will last you a very long time.

4. BalanceFrom Mat

✅ Cheap

✅ Strap For Easy Transport and Storage

✅ Two Sided Anti-Grip Surfaces

✅ Easy To Clean

❌ Less Durable Than Others

You can always trust it to stay in the right place because of their non slip surfaces even though the mat is still very light and easy to carry and store away. It's great for Price/Quality, you get what you pay for not perfect but it will more than do for any beginner.

5. Gaiam Yoga Mat

30 Different Designs

✅ 6mm Thick


✅ Superior Durability

❌ Can be too narrow if you are quite a large person

With their thirty different amazing designs the Gaiam yoga mat will draw attention in the best way possible, if it's in a class are at your home. And on top of that it has great anti slip and a nice thickness to keep your joints comfortable.

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